Bits & Pieces

Here is a sneak peak of our lives over the last few months

We adopted a rescue Basset. Meet Wally. He is so kind, sweet and charming.


We finally travelled to the Kruger. We saw Elephant, Lion and Giraffe. It was such a captivating experience driving and sometimes walking alongside the magestic animals of Africa.

bits 5

We journeyed on an old fashioned Steam Train ride. Clouds of steam, whistling, billowing smoke and clickety cluck of the rails made it a day the kids won’t forget for a long time.

bits 11

I won a weekend away to the magical Cathedral peak in Drakensberg. It was a paradise of fresh air, warm hospitality, elegance and to top it off ~ it’s a family haven. I spent most days chilling in the hotel lounge watching Wimbledon recovering from swine flu, whilst the rest of the family went hiking, swimming, horse riding, and played table tennis and bowls.

bits 4 bits 3

We celebrated my oldest nephews coming of age. Jonathan officially turned 21 in August. We road tripped down to Bloemfontein and said goodbye to his youth and welcomed him to adulthood. Sisters, cousins, nana’s, aunts, husbands, and friends gathered for a long weekend where we played games, dined, said speeches, danced and spent some quality time together.

Bits 1bits 13

A few of my photos were selected for the Getaway show and the Iphoneography exhibition. Photography is always going to be my first love, sorry IT Services but you’re not even a close second. I crave looking at, and taking pretty photos.

bits 7

Sun-kissed Durban hosted us for a week. We did everything a good holiday is made up of. We slept in late, we took long walks, we did some sightseeing, we swam in the sea, we ate out a lot, we ordered room service, we watched movies, we hired bicycles and we relaxed.

We bought a boat. I can’t wait to spend time on the water with friends, with family, sun tanning, skiing and making memories under the hot beautiful African sky.

bits 10

Ethan got accepted into our high school of choice. Next year he will be a small fish. He will be 1 of 240 in his standard, instead of 1 in 18. He will be the youngest, instead of being the oldest. He will have to prove himself. He will have to make new friends. It’s a new start, a new chapter in his book that we’re all looking forward too.

I’m thankful for all we get to do and see together.

There are days where life doesn’t seem fair, when it throws us curve balls and punches but there are also days like the ones above where I know life is good. We are certainly blessed beyond measure.


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