Why we wore jackets in November

It was the 7th November, and even though South Africa was about to enter into a blistering heat wave, we were packing our bags with coats, mittens, scarves and boots. Why you ask? We were off to London for 9 nights. Two nights for travelling. Four nights for work. Three nights of sightseeing, shopping and experiencing the city.

London is vivacious, energetic and full of tradition. It has more tourist attractions than I can count on one hand, and even though we woke up early and went to bed in the early hours of the morning, we still needed another few more days to experience everything.

We climbed and walked 1000’s of steps. Our legs were aching and my back was sore.

We carried (dragged) over 70 kilograms of luggage between the two of us. It was uncomfortable and our arms were tender.

We were averaging less than 6 hours sleep on some nights. Our eyes were heavy. Our bodies exhausted. Sometimes irritable.

FullSizeRender 36

Yet, we were lucky enough to explore a new country for 72 hours. We travelled the renowned underground. We met Londoners and other travellers. We went to see the legendary Big Ben. We got wet. We walked the notorious streets of Oxford, Piccadilly and Regent Street. We lost each other. We experienced the ultimate celebrity fun day out at Madame Taussads. We took photos and captured our time with the likes of Tom Cruise, Ronaldo, Spiderman, Desmond Tutu, Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles and Shrek. We crossed over the longest River in the UK, the Thames River, and took pictures of the bigger than life “London Eye”. We went Mexican one night at Covent Gardens. And met up with long lost friends. We climbed into bed weary and tired. We laughed about the days antics, until our stomachs were sore. We shopped at the awe-inspiring Hamleys. We spoilt our kids with toys. We ate a meagre dinner of a packet of chips and a handful of chocolate, but we ate it at the amazing Piccadilly Theatre, watching the very entertaining musical “Jersey Boys”. It was worth missing a sit down dinner for.

We made some great memories.



4 thoughts on “Why we wore jackets in November

    1. I’m glad yours seems to be a keeper. It’s good to have you back writing reviews, even of knives not all of us like. Imagine how boring it’d if we all agree on evnyrthieg.

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