What happens in seven years

So much changes, yet so much stays the same.
Seven years ago I met my daughter for the first time. That moment I looked at her sweet face, I knew things would never be the same again. And they weren’t.
If I look back to where we were then to where we are today, I can’t believe how much can and does change. We’ve moved homes, we’ve moved jobs, we’ve been promoted, we’ve travelled overseas, our eldest who at the time was just starting Grade 1 is now starting High School, we’ve lost friends, we gained new ones, friends got divorced, friends moved away, we’ve lost loved ones to cancer and lost contact with people who we thought would be in our lives forever but aren’t now, our goals changed and we’ve grown as individuals and as a family.
Yet, in all this time, my little girl has grown up and blossomed. From that clingy unhappy baby that no-one could look after except for mommy and daddy, to the confident lovable little girl you are today.
I look at you and my heart fills with joy. There was a day when I thought I wouldn’t be here to watch you grow up and it scared me so. I pleaded and begged God that day, and he answered my prayers. I’m here today and I see you growing up. I see you coming out of your shell. I see you still struggle with goodbyes. I see you playing. I see you learning. I see you making friends. I see you in your little magical world of my little pony, unicorns and princesses. I see you laugh and I see you loving life. I see it and I am so grateful. No *we* are grateful to have you in our lives. Mommy, daddy and your big brother.
We love you to the moon and back.
Happy birthday sweet child x

Zoe pic


3 thoughts on “What happens in seven years

  1. We are all very grateful to have little Zoe in our lives, especially her cousins Peyton & Dakota. She is a real little character who certainly brings a lot of joy!!!

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